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Building quality housing in the South East

Akehurst Homes Limited, formed in the summer of 2009 and is owned and managed by James Lench. James is an experienced property professional and Solicitor with many years of experience within the property industry. 


Akehurst prides itself on delivering exceptional homes in the South East of England. With a rich history and a mission to exceed customer expectations, Akehurst stands out as a premier choice for those seeking their next home. Whether it's attention to detail, sustainable practices, or unparalleled customer satisfaction, the Akehurst team is dedicated to customer service.


Akehurst also places great importance on creating communities where residents can thrive. We have built as many social homes as private and carefully consider factors like location, amenities, and green spaces when selecting sites for development.


Meet the team

We take pride in the quality of our homes and developments. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to creating beautiful and modern homes that offer
comfortable living experiences.

We understand the importance of creating safe and secure communities that are also aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's a single family home or a large development, we strive to design spaces that bring people together and cultivate a sense of belonging. 

Shaking Hands


Investment opportunities

We have many years experience in advising both professional, corporate and individual investors. With attention to detail their approach to appraisals ensures that investors can expect, and most importantly receive, superior returns on project finance. Working closely with their development partners Akehurst Homes provides honest brokerage and a straightforward approach.


For those considering investment within the residential property market, there are a number of schemes with the potential for outside investment, throughout London and the South.


Land and planning

Akehurst Homes have a successful and proven track record in maximising the value of land and in achieving the most appropriate planning permissions. Akehurst Homes work closely with the local authorities and communities, providing full consultation to ensure the very best for the development of the land.

Their expertise covers both short and long term promotion of land and ranges from single plots to substantial areas of land; covering hundreds of units.


Proudly supporting communities around the globe

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